We live on a farm in Wetter an der Ruhr close to the river Ruhr, that is not far from Cologne. Here is where I was born and raised. Along with my husband, our three children, and three white Anglo Arabians brothers and sisters, we have known them since they was born, 
and our dog and cat.

"...without the existence of horses I may never have begun to paint..."

In my childhood there was no sheet of paper safe from me. I had to draw a horse on it, no matter how small or big the sheet was. On the street I painted horses with a stone. In the restaurant of my parents on the beer-coasters and bill sheets with a ball pen. If there was a room to fresh up I drew horses as big as possible on the old wallpapers. If there where water vapour on the window, I painted a horse on it. If you asks me when I started to paint horses I think it was to that time when I be able to hold a pen in my hand. Later I went with a barrow through the neighbourhood and collected the old rests of colour boxes. With these colours I painted horses on our tool shed in the garden. Horses who are looking out of the stable.

When I was 11, my parents allowed me to get riding lessens. At the age of 14 I took care of two ponies named Rocky and Dolly and learned to ride bareback cross country. When I reached the age of 16 I have saved enough money to let my dream come true and buy my first horse, the Hanovarion chesnut mare, called Sassi.
"Can you paint my Bayka?" asked Claudia, a friend of mine, back in 1994. So the first official horse portrait was born. Prior to that, over the years, I had done some assorted portraits in pencil, mostly of children and of course pets and horses. But for me it started with Bayka, during my study time, as she was a sister to our horses.
Bayka's portrait get the ball rolling quickly for me. Some more friends and people began asking for a portrait. So it followed with portraits of Balmung, Lutsen, Andiamo and Komet. These friends and people began to tell their friends as well. So it became that the portrait painting became an important part of my artwork, and helped me to finance my studies at University.

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