November 2014  
Oldenburger Stallions Licensing and Auktion. 
Some pictures are owned by the Oldenburger Pferde Zentrum and hung in the Foyer.

November 2014
"Hispania" get an "Best by Jury Award" 
Great International Art Contest 

Oktober 2014 Blue Hors

To view them larger, click on the image

To view them larger, 
click on the image

It was a great pleasure for me, that Princess Nathalie step by. At the wall a copy of her painting with Digby. 

The original painting is at Berleburg Castel.

I was very happy that Adelinde Cornelissen step by, to take a look at the painting progress of her portrait of Parzival.

Parzival and Adelinde Cornelissen.
Later I took some more photos from Parzival , that will be helpful for the pianting job.

On the easel "Parzivals" painting

Visit the Artist David MacEwan and his wife Sally in his Studio in Lodeve in the South of France.
Thank you for the nice stay at your home.

August 2014
World Equestrian Games Caen France

at Haras Du Pin National Stud France

June 2014 
Fotoshootings in Bavaria

July 2014
Calypso, Chosen by Jury for the horses in art exhibition in London.

Spring and Summer 2014,
I am painting the Grand Sire Calendar for 2015


Cor De La Bryerè

Trip to Munich, to work together with Brigitte Eberl..


Titel Motiv Don Schufro

Quattro B



Cornet Obolensky

Commissions paintings on there way to its new home.

Don Schufros paining get the 7th place at the World painters Contest April 2014.

Commission Spring 2014
" Princess Nathalie & Digby" birthday present for Princess Benedikte from Danmark

I am happy to announce that the painting of Rubinstein get the international "Amazing Art Award" in March 2014
Given by the Wold Artist Contest WOA.

Don Schufro at home

March 2014
The painting at home at Blue Hors stud. neighborhood with Rubinsteins painting

March 2014  
Exhibition Horse and Rider. new masterpiece is done...

February 2014.  
The portrait of Don Schufro is in progress.



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