The artist has painted many famous horses such as His Highness, glorious winner of the Hannovarian Stallions. Dressage World Champion Satchmo from Isabel Werth. 

Polydor, the Legend of the National Stut of Westfalen. The painting has found a special place beneath the preparation of Polydor in the national museum of the horse in Westfalen. Welmeyer and Donnerschlags paintings get first place awards and many other paintings too. Gold Medalist Reitmeister Klaus Balkenhol becomes a portrait. Many Grand Sires paintings are done and will be done for the
Grand Sire Calendar Project


Dancing Lady Oli painting

 Baxter Pastell 40x50cm

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Polydor Westfale

Polydor Grand Sire Legend of the national stud of Westfalia.

The painting is exhibit beside the stuffed Polydor in the Museum of the Horse in Münster. 

Prinzessin Nathalie & Digby
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Calypso II Holsteiner
His Highness Hannoveraner
Donnerhall Oldenburger Standbild
Warmblut "FLoh"
Argentinus Hannoveraner
Warmblüter Invinsibl

Weltmeyer Hannoveraner
Tigerkatze Juli

Of course, every pet is welcome to become a portrait and to bring an everlasting memory of your life partner.

The artwork should be more than a picture - it shall capture the soul and the personality. It shows what is to see beyond what the photograph can ever possibly capture.

The artist welcomes your inquiries for custom portraiture. You may contact her by visiting her Contact page and asks even for a price-list of commissions portraiture

For information about what is needed to create your portrait and some tips on photographing your animal, see below. 

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Spirit of the AgeCo 
in progress. 


Painting of Florestan 
in progress. 
Pastel 50cm x 70cm.

During a visit of the national stud I took some photos of him.


Headshot of Florestan painting

The finished painting in the evening sun at home.

The portrait of Kostolany 
in progress 
Pastel  60cm x 80cm.

Trakehner Kostolany
The painting was done by photos of Beate Langels.

Beate Langels

Painting of Leo Sail Cody  
in progress.
50 cm x 70 cm

The painting gets two first palce awards in 2012.

I do the photo an a warm summer evening, when Cody was running free on the field.

Oilpainting of Millingford Nothern Star 
Scottish Terrier

Painted by a photo of Anderas Luig 

Another Scottie by the Luig family 

Ch Beinn Bhreagh's Archimedes


Reitmeister Klaus Balkenhol   
Pastel 50cm x70cm

painted by a photo of Mrs. Schnell.

Work in progress

Present for Christmas

Given by Helen Langehanenberg and friends.

Portrait of Livio 
Pastel 50cm x70 cm

El Caballo Engalanado "Gala"

Sketching Gala

Starting with the colour

Gala in progress and many more paintings in progress.

The finished painting, 
Watercolor 50cm x 70cm. 

Gala won the 1 Place Art Award in the USA. Horses in Art Magazine.

Gala and the old Stallion are chosen by jury for the Horses in Art Exhibition in London.

Live portraying Raita.

My model and me
The Portrait is nearly done

Bantje, work in progress

The sketch of Bantje

…..add some colours

The finished painting

The photo

Soukje, work in progress

It’s a challenge to paint the carrige.

Add some details to the painting.

Nearly done.

Soukje on the island Juist

Sandro Hit Collage 

work in progress 

A good fitting frame, makes the picture perfect

Commissioning Your Pet's Portrait:

We prefer to do the photos of our models ouerselves is possible. If this is not possible, you can send us your pictures, by snail mail or e-mail. As the quality of the portrait depends considerably from the quality of the photos, please ask us for some useful hints on how to take the photos.

The transportation costs are 7 € within Germany. Please ask for prices for shipments to other countries, we ship worldwide.

Vouchers for pictures are available on request. There is a deposit of 20% that will be settled with the order.

Delivery period: The delivery period varies with the order situation and is approximately 6 months. Please note every portrait is a handmade one of a kind piece of art. Pictures are not made in mass production. We don't want the quality to suffer because of time constraints.

All copyrights on every artwork done by the artist belongs to Christina Bötzel 

Atelier Christina Bötzel 


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