2000. Polydors oil painting is in Progress. I drove to the National Stud to see him live in person. In April, Polydor died. His grooms called him Papa Bär.

2000. Visited Dobels Cento, Sir Satchmo in the National Stud Zweibrücken and the National Stud in Marbach.

2000. Portraying dressage team Rudolf Zeilinger and Livijno.

2000. The painting of Weltmeyer was created.
2000 Exhibition National Stud Westphalia, Hengstparade.
2001. The Westfalia Trailer Group becomes a new design with different horse-breeds. First shown at the Equitana.

2001. Visited Hengststation Korte to do a portrait of the Stallion Pik Labionics. www.hengste-korte.de 

2001. Visited Hengststation Jens Meyer to do a portrait of the stallions Cashman and Dacaprio. www.jens-meyer.com 

2001. Story about Atelier Bötzel Eberl in the Pferde Zucht und Haltung Magazin.

2001. Story about my artwork in the "Stallgeflüster Magazine".

2002. Exhibition in my lovely studio Am Kronen with Brigitte Eberl.

2002. Excursion through the Ruhrgebiet, the old coal miner's area in Germany, with Brigitte Eberl. Trekking where, 100 years ago, the miner's horses had gone. From this inspiration for the sculpture Old Mare and the big coal drawings Mainers Horse, Mainers Horse2/Sleeping Sassi developed

Sassi, my 30 year old mare, is our model. In Summer we celebrated her 30th birthday with a funny horse party. On the 25 of September she fell asleep in my arms forever.

2002. Mainers Horse 2 and Old Mare where chosen from the jury for the international art exhibition in Saumur France.

2002. Euro Cheval, after the fair had finished for the day we visited Egon von Neindorf Reitinstitut. Later he visited us at the fair. Unfortunately the planned exhibition in the Reitinstitut was never done.

2002. First meeting with His Highness in Vechta.

2003. Presented the His Highness oil painting to Doug and Louise Leatherdale during the Stallions presentation. www.leatherdalefarms.com 

2003. Equitana and at the same time the show Jumping in Dortmund are an exhibitions challenge.

2003. For the World Dog Show the Fanomenal Company produced a Bötzel -Dogs- Collection.

2003. The Company Nana Schmuck produced a Bötzel wrist watch collection. www.nana-schmuck.de 
2003. Exhibition the World Dog Show in Dortmund.

2003. Again painting like a maniac, I created the watercolour picture, El Caballo Engalanado - for short called Gala - inspired by the Showhorse Deleitosso from Oliver Jubin. www.tanzende-beine.de 

2003. Again photoshooting with his Highness. During the Shooting the horse ran away. The worst minutes in my passing by. Then we picked the grazing horse up beside the lane.

2003. Story in the Reiter Praxis Magazine from Christiane Slawik about Atelier Bötzel Eberl.

2004. Visit the Museum of the Horse in Chantilly France with Brigitte Eberl. www.pferdemuseum-chantilly.com 

2004. Exhibition in Lexington Kentucky, with Brigitte Eberl visit the Kentucky Horse Park, the Museum of the Horse and the Thoroughbred Park.

2004. Visited the national Stud in Kladruby Tschechien, cordially welcome from the director Lenka Gotthardova. www.nhkladruby.cz 

We saw the Kinski Horse Stud and it was very worth seeing the museum of the horse in Satinany. There is a big selection of the original George Hamilton paintings.

2005. July Story in the Pegasus Magazine from Christiane Slawik about our exhibition at the national stud in Kladruby


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