December 2015.
My biggest challenge this year.
The portrait of Werner Ernst, painted in pastel.
Special thanks to the Ernst Family - and Nobert Zalis, for the reference photo.

December 2015.
Damon Hills Portrait get an Amazing Art Award, at the W. Art Contest. 
Many thanks to the Jury!

The Stallions I painted this year. Originals and art prints for sale

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016!

Dezember 2015.

Orders Fall /Winter 2015.

November The Grand Sire Book book has been published!

November: Exhibition Oldenburger Pferdezentrum zur Hengstkörung and Auktion.

Bundes Championate Warendorf Exhibition September 2015.

Fotoshootings Sommer 2015.

Fotoshooting Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen

Sommer Reitkunst Moorhof 

FEI Europameisterschaften Aachen

Artikel Reiter Revue 8/2015

Summer 2015, the Oldenburger Pferdezucht Verband, 
have decorated the Oldenburger Pferdezentrum with my paintings.

Making of Old Sire Calendar 2016. Januar - Juli
Belissimo M












Equitana 2015. 

Aufbau Equitana

Im Atelier

June 2015. Story about my artwork in  The Flying Shetlands Magazine

January Febuary 2015
Its a big pleasure for me ti visit Damon Hill, since years his portrait is planned.
Dammi is a very nice guy.

Making of Damon Hills portrait

The painting is finished and showen at the Equitana 2015, 
after the show it takes place by his new owner.
The Poartrait of Damon Hill is the Cover painting for the Grant Sire Calendar 2016


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